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Authentic self-care: Nurturing relationship with self


If self is inescapable then why not start building and nurturing the relationship with the self

Today, The trending term of self-care is often misquoted and rather abused without people realizing the meaning of what real Authentic self-care means.

The concept of Authentic self-care has much more meaning in-stored in it and goes beyond the hedonistic pleasurable cycle of instant gratification tools which are indeed indulgent or even for that matter escapism which we often use in our lives to feel good about our-self. But to experience life to its full potential and to function at an optimum level every day, we need to reflect on what real self-care means?

Real self-care starts the day we commit our-self of deliberately taking time out of our schedule to  nurture  and strengthen our relationship with our-self  through restorative activities  so that we could achieve the state of  complete wholeness and  overall well-being .”

It is an absolutely subtle realization and refection that self is the common denominator that governs all the valuable relationship that surrounds us hence self requires deep nourishment. It then entails the fact that we have to spend time daily with our-self so that we become more attuned and aware of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions which eventually would also lead us to explore and accept those thoughts, feelings which are unsettled or rather unaddressed and require to be worked upon so that it’s completely healed. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that some aspects of  this process can be extremely painful as well”

Let’s have a look at what are the components of Authentic self care

  1. It’s not selfish 
  2. It’s essential so non-negotiable 
  3. It’s highly individualized- it does not look like a particular thing 
  4. It makes you feel alive 
  5. It helps you to connect with your mind, body, and spirit 
  6. It also helps you to connect with the truth of who you are 
  7. It recognizes when you are out of alignment 
  8. It can be real and uneventful 
  9. It could be any activity that makes you feel whole. 

As an essential concept, it could be highlighted that achieving authentic self-care is both process and journey which beings on the day we decide that we are worthy of giving attention to our self which would also include accepting with loving kindness the aspects that we do not want to acknowledge about our-self and identity. It eventually makes us be more in alignment with our true authentic self. 

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Written by Pourvani Bhat


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